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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Mini skincare Haul - Skin18...

Hi Gorgeous,

Today I am back with another haul from, the same super raved Korean Website. I received a package from them earlier also which you can check here. I am totally in love with Mask sheets concept as they bring quite a difference on your skin with one time usage. With big brand players like Sephora, Innisfree, etc. in the field, there is a boom in the market of Skin Masks or skin Sheets.

The experience is totally wonderful as in comparison to regular skincare product which you need to apply on a daily basis to get results. These mask sheets does not offers exact long lasting results but there are visible results with their one time usage or for the time being.

So let me show you peeps, what i received from them this time. I received this package some 7 days back, so surely will review them on the blog very soon or maybe after 2-3 pending posts only...

Mask Sheets from Skin 18

I received -

(From Left to Right)

A Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip
Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Real Natural Mask Pack

      (From Left to Right)
    An Animalia Mask i.e. L'affair Animal Aqua Sheep
      Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (Lipidure) - moisturizing


    Till then stay connected with  my Social channels & Skin18 as they have some wonderful promotions going on which you can't resist....Please do follow the pages to stay updated.
    As lotzz of contests/ giveaways are coming soon.

    Love u...
    Stylo Niks.

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    Wednesday, 22 July 2015

    Za True White Exfoliating Clay Review

        My all beautiful readers.Today on my testing table is a Clay Mask from my personal favourite Japanese brand Za from Shiseido. So before getting into review,i would like to inform all of u that my skin is Combination Skin Type i.e. normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin).So with all this information about my skin type now lets get started with review of the product.
    Za True White Exfoliating Clay

    Claims -:
    • Instantly exfoliates excess surface cells, removes impurities around pores, absorbs sebum 
    • Instantly imparts translucent, glowing and radiant skin.
    • Moisturises Skin with SPA Ingredients, Vitamin C
     Directions -:
    • After washing and drying your face, take some clay mask and spread it over face, avoiding areas around the eyes and mouth.
    •  Gently massage face using small circular motion for about 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly.
    •  Limit use to 3 times a week.
    • Avoid harsh rubbing.
    Swatch of Za True White Exfoliating Clay

    Price -:  Rs 399 for 100 gms (Although i got it as a sample)

    Availabilty -: 
    • Online -,
    My Take on the Product -:
                             Za True White Exfoliating Clay is a white creamy mask with exfoliating granules.The granules are present to exfoliate or clean the skin. At the same time the essence of clay in the mask soothes the skin giving it a relaxed feeling. The mask removes all the impurities around pores, absorbs sebum (skin natural oil) along with exfoliating excess surface cells,thereby making the skin more radiant and illuminating
                     I applied the Za True White Exfoliating Clay as a mask for 5 - 7 min after washing my face and pat drying it as written in directions. After 7 minutes, i with my wet hands massaged my face for another 1 minute so that the exfoliation is done. The product gives my face a very fresh & radiant look.Since i have a Combination Skin which is oily at the T-zone, so after applying it, i found all sebum(skin natural  oil ) around T-zone was lost which was really an appealing feature of it for me.

              The only con i found it with me was that as soon i washed my face after applying it,my skin felt a little stretchy so i need to apply a moisturiser too. But this is not a big issue as almost all exfoliators have this problem but the problem was less in  Za True White Exfoliating Clay as in comparison with others.
    My Radiant & Glowing Skin after using it 
    SF Rating-:  9/10

    Final Verdict -: As Za True White Exfoliating Clay imbibes the quality of both a gentle exfoliating Scrub and a soother Clay Mask, and it suits completely my Combination skin, so for everyone having oily or Combination Skin type , I would recommend to give it a try as it efficiently does what it claims.

    Have you tried the Za True White Exfoliating Clay ,then share your experiences with me or If wanna know anything about the product, just leave a comment or do u people like the review or not,then  please let me know in the comments box below…

    Saturday, 18 July 2015

    Maybelline New York Spiced up Baby Lips Review

    Hey All,  

               Recently i got my hands on Maybelline New York  Spiced up Baby Lips range which i was waiting since very long because of the hype created by their digital campaign Swipe to Spiced.I got 2 Variants of it..
    • Spicy Cinnamon
    • Berry Sherbet 
    The three Indo flavours- Tropical Punch,Spicy Cinnamon and Berry Sherbet.
    Claims -:

    • Deep Shades specifically designed for Sun Kissed Indian Skin Tones.
    • Moisturises Lips for 12 hrs.
    • Optimal Protection of the Lips along with Moisturisation.
    • Enriched with Coconut Oil ,Vitamin E and SPF 20 .

    My Tried Variants - Berry Sherbet & Spicy Cinnamon

    Directions -:
    Turn the base 1-2 times for usage.Reapply when Lips are exposed to strong Sun ,Wind or Cold for optimal protection.

    Price -: Rs 175 for 4 gms

    Availabilty -: 
    • Maybelline New York Counters,Retail Stores
    • Online - ,

    My Take on the product -: With every new product present in the market,there will be some pros and cons of it as they are both equal parts of the coin. The packaging of the product is cute, is travel friendly.Yes Maybelline Spiced up Lip balm is made for me and for my fellow Indians skin tones.The Spiced up tadka of cinnamon not only makes our tea more yum but it also make our lips more protected and moisturised.

    The pleasant fragrance of both the tried variants is really subtle.The aroma is different from the existing ones and personally i loved the aroma of Spicy Cinnamon. The Spiced up Baby Lips Range gives superb pigmentation with a dash of colour added in it. Spicy Cinnamon will add a natural or skin colour while Berry Sherbet gives a tint of pink colour to the lips. It moisturises the lips for around 2-3 hrs without surviving any food or drink and then need to be reapplied again.But i still love as it has SPF 20 in it to protect my lips from this harsh sun.

    Though not many but some small issues with these lip balms are that they do not satisfy what they claim i.e. 12 hrs stay & moisturisation. Usually 1-2 swipes doesn't work.It takes 3-4 swipes to get perfect tint. They are a bit highly priced by the brand  for Rs175/- with comparison to their previous launches...


    SF Rating -:  9/10

    Final Verdict -: With something personalised for our Indian Sun Kissed Skin tones,i  just love them and would love to purchase them again.So go on and add some spice to ur life.With 1-2 swipes,u r ready to rock.

    Do share ur experience that how u felt after trying these Lip Balms in the comments below....