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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Get your Beauty Personalised with

Hi Beauties,

Today's blog post is about discovering yourself. According to a survey, most women are unknown of their skin types, its problems, its tone, etc and in all of these things, they end up using products not suitable for them which leads to breakouts, itching, etc. At the same time, market is flooded with  a constant parade of promises and conflicting claims , it becomes almost impossible to lay our hands to the correct stuff.
             While searching the web for a certain product, I came to a new website It is about "AAp luv".
"It is a start up beauty company providing every customer of their, an experience of Divine Beauty. For busy women/men on the go, it is a personalized beauty service tailored to your taste, budget & lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day."

Brief Introduction of the ideology of the brand -
                 Aplava (pronounced  as “Aap luv”) means taking a bath to purify oneself. It’s an ablution process of cleansing oneself. They believe that Beauty is you!!!!

I always love my life as a beauty blogger because it helps me to explore new products, places, brands,etc. But since buying online is not everyone cup of tea, it is difficult to match the exact tone,colour, texture of beauty products while buying them online especially. So here comes as a saviour their Personalised Beauty Section as it gives you a virtual tour of your Skin along with the help of professional beauty experts & dermatologists by building your BEAUTY PROFILE.

         Created my own Beauty Profile to help my skin get perfectly curated skin care products for it and got some recommendations for the same.

The Website has a wonderful range to offer including many international, national, drugstore, organic brands ranging from Dermalogica , Avene , Braun, Lakme, Garnier, Skintruth , Wild Earth, etc.

            I was wondering for Skintruth Equalising skincare regimen for my sister to gift her on her birthday but was unable to find it on major leading websites but I was able to locate it on this website. Ahh!!! finally got it after spending so much time.You can also check skintruth products online on the website.

           The website has a wonderful layout, is easy to use, you don’t have to look for product details as you get perfect details about the product, ingredients, How to use , About the Brand, Shipping & Returns, all information at one place only. It offers free delivery over Rs. 999/- and the best part is that the company provides time to time startling promotional offers which tends to fit more products in our budget . It also provide the option of Following the Price i.e. Keep track of the price drops on this item as and when the price of the particular product will drop, an email would pop up which in turn will help to save some more bucks.
          With all these extremely good features , I am so excited to shop with Now on my wishlist, the first product is  Lakme perfect radiance Intense Whitening Serum which I am getting almost at a discount of almost 25% (including cashback also), Skintruth Skincare Regimen with discount of almost 35% - 40% and a lot more...I will update all you wonderful people when I will receive it in a haul post.
Brief Review by our Co-Contributor -:  Our Co - Contributor Namrata Agarwal (Soon Mom to be) also shopped some Sebamed Baby Products from Aplava for her soon to be arriving baby and here is her brief and relevant review of it. The online ordering procedure is simple like that of any online portal, but what I loved more about the website is prompt delivery within 3-4 days(meanwhile my order was delivered on the date of Constituency Elections in our city),nice & intact packaging, every item individually well packed so as to avoid spillage. I ordered some Sebamed Baby products which were 100% authentic and imported from Germany.The date of Mfgr. was of  2016, which is again a big plus for user as they provide you goods with longer shelf life. Sharing some of the pics of her order...

SF Rating -:  9/10
Final Verdict-: I am yet to share my personal experience of the products to be received but yes I am totally amazed with the website design, its ease to use, and most importantly its emphasis on buying the products apt for you in your budget. I don't find any cons of the website except COD charges which keeps me bothering & sometimes it take quite a time to load. Will keep you guyz updated of my haul from Till then all you lovely people, check it out this amazing website and share your experiences with me in the comments below. Would love to hear from you all...
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As lotzz of contests/ giveaways are coming soon with my birthday.

Love u...
Stylo Niks.

P.S. - A giveaway coming soon on the blog sponsored by stay hooked.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Holla Everyone,

From the last past one month, i have been over-fastidious for my health.Due to long hours of study for my examinations, my weight is reaching its ultimate level,so thought to give it a stringent check.So joined Gym and trying to go there on an average 5-6 days per week.(PS - It is impossible for me to go there regularly....I don't know why...Tell me GOD...)

So my Gym Instructor gave me a Diet Chart to be followed which till today i haven't but trying to indulge some of the key points in my daily routine.The most important was having Green Tea,I have always seen everyone to be in search of a healthier alternative for our normal tea but initiating the routine of drinking it was the toughest decision for me as i am very choosy for what i eat or drink.

I got for myself Organic India Tulsi Green Tea from a local supermarket. But when i drank it for the first time, i was horrible like Eww...who can call this nasty drink as healthy and with just a sip of it, i thought that this is the end of Green Tea era for me.

But since my instructor used to ask me about it every other day & i don't want to fool him & myself because seriously i wanna loose weight ,so thought of giving it another try. This time i just closed my nose and drank it as a medicine.
But here comes the Cindrella moment that soon in a week, i started feeling better and was ready to drink it as a tea not as a medicine.I prepare it by just pouring boiling water on one tablespoon of green tea leaves & then infusing it for 3-5 min depending on the strongness i want.I now love to have atleast 2 or 3 cups of it in a day & my day feels incomplete without it.

But guyzz seriously, now i suggest everyone to drink it especially my parents because it has a lot and lots of benefit of drinking it with no harm at all as Holy Basil is an herb with healing properties that relieve stress & protect the immune system.Even today all doctors recommend to have atleast 2 cups of it in a day.

The Organic India Tulsi Green Tea has several benefits in it which majorly includes -:
  • Stress Relieving & Empowering
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Abundant in Antioxidants
  • Improves Digestion & Metabolism
  • Boosts Stamina
  • Helps fight illness, cough & cold
  • Anti Ageing
  • Uplifts Mood
  • Anti Jet Lag

Packaging -:Organic India Tulsi Green Tea comes in 2 packaging-:
  1. In green coloured cardboard box which includes loose package of tea bags packed individually.
  2. In a Tin container which contains the packet of Tea.The tin is of golden colour on which green coloured label with all detailings is affixed.

Price -: Rs 220 for 100 gm

  • Green Tea (Camellia sinensis)
  • Rama Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum)
  • Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum)
  • Vana Tulsi (Ocimum Gratissimum)

Availability -: 
To buy on , click here

My Take on the product -:By reading the post, you all have understand that i am in undoubted love with this Green Tea.The best part is it comes from 100% Certified Organic brand, which brings more confidence & security in the minds of its users.
        I personally drink it 2 times in a day,once before my lunch & once post dinner or before going to bed.I read somewhere online that drinking Green tea before sleeping keeps our metabolism working & helping to shred our weight without doing anything while in the alternative situation the time when we sleep, our metabolism works very slowly.
       All in all,since i have started using this from last one month, i don't know if it really helped me to loose weight but it has definitely kick boxed my metabolism as now after using it, i feel more energised & refreshed...Ahhh, totally a stress buster for me.        
         So all you reading the post,definitely give this tea a try and if you didn't love it at first instance like me,do give it a second shot.They also have a whole lot of different flavours like The Original Tulsi , Tulsi Green Tea ,Tulsi Ginger ,Tulsi Chai Masala ,Tulsi Sweet Rose ,Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea and many more...I would highly recommend it to those looking forward to a healthier lifestyle.It is a treasure with bunch of health benefits for all of us.

Hope you had an amazing time reading this post about my secret weapon of weight loss and if yes please do leave your comments below & let me know of your experiences...

Love u...muah 
Stylo Niks

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Holla Everyone,

Since many days i have been updating you that very soon i'll be posting my pics of my ecstatic stay at Taj Exotica Goa,so here comes a detailed post of my stay and believe me , you will be bombarded with pictures of the place in this post and they are scintillating beautiful...You will definitely love each of it..

Taj Exotica is Located on the southwest coast of Goa,overlooking the Arabian sea,this Mediterranean-style 5 star resort is one of the best five star hotels in Goa and has a way of slowing down time to a tranquil tempo. 

 It is set amidst fifty-six acres of lush gardens, Taj Exotica is a showcase for relaxation with tropical-inspired design touches, grand architecture, a sun- drenched atrium, wide shady corridors, and flower lined patios for a memorable stay.

Taj Exotica is situated on pristine sands of Benaulim Beach with a 700 meter beach frontage.The Taj Exotica is subtly divided into the main hotel building with spacious deluxe and luxury rooms and two and four bedroom Villas.

We were picked up at the Dabolim airport by the Hotel Staff and were dropped to the Hotel in their Car.It was around 40-45 minutes drive to the hotel.

As you enter the hotel, you are welcomed into a very good looking lobby which on one side is leading to a Restaurant and on the other side is Taj Khazana (It is a luxury lifestyle boutique that showcases artefacts and collectibles created by master craftsmen of India which includes Sarees, Shawls,Jewellery,crafts, etc.) and Reception with a huge lounge area. 

As a welcome drink we were offered a option of Refreshing Mint Drink/Apple Juice which made us feel more energised.By the time my sister were checking in, i took some random photos of the main building...
Welcome Lobby of the Resort
Lounge Area

A night view of the Water  Fountain in the Main Building 
We already had booked our rooms beforehand. We had booked 2 rooms of Ground Floor of Garden Villas (The Garden Villa, of 612 sq ft, is a spacious room in a 4 room villa. The room has a view of landscaped gardens.  All rooms have a private balcony or verandah.)which were not interconnected although Inter connecting rooms can be available on request.
A night view of the Garden Villa
But Since our rooms were not in the Main building, so we need to reach our room through Golf Car which was always very exciting to take a ride in it.
Golf Car Ride from Main Building to our Room
A view of our Room no. 515

Private Balcony of our Room
     Garden View from our Room                           
Washroom with Bath tub & Shower Cabin
Since it was an exhausting afternoon and we want to do something productive in evening ,as we were given the activity chart of the day;so in order to get rest, we all agreed for in room dining for our brunch.In brunch we ordered some Veg Burgers, Pav Bhaji and some Cheese Sandwiches. The food was scrumptious and delectable while the presentation was also on top.
In Room Dining at our stay
It was a retreat staying there for 3 nights & 4 days but there is something were mentioning in this post without which this post can't be finished.It was that on 3rd day of our stay it was my brother - in -law birthday and we informed the hotel of this occasion before only, so when we returned after exploring Goa on that day, we got a little surprise from Taj Exotica.
A bouquet and some balloons decoration in the room.

PS* - Sorry i took the photo upside down but this arrangement was made by the Hotel on our request.

Celebration Time....Cheers
PS* - This Champagne was ordered by us for celebration...

These are some of the photo i selected from the huge lot of photos.Hope you also had a virtual tour of the Resort with me.There were numerous activities to be done over there but it was nearly impossible to experience everything in just 4 days..Do tell,how did u feel after reading this..Have u been there..Would love to read your experience also...

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Website Review -

Hi Friends,
      We all love to choose the bestest for us because we believe that we should always be in profit (faida) as none of us want to bear losses..Recently while flickering on google, i found this website It is a jaipur based start up launched in March 2015. What more attracted me towards the website is their catchy tagline "Bina Cash, Karo Aish". As a student & teenager, i am always running less of money ,so for me it was like a boon..As i dug it a more deeper,i was astonished after reading their ideology i.e. of Barter System which prevailed long before & till now we used to only read it in our books but i was more excited to know that it is still prevalent in the country in new and innovative manner...
     The most interesting & lovable feature of the site is that in it cash is not involved and we can get amazing things in exchange of our old unwanted stuff  as Our clutter is someone else’s gold and same goes for us...It included all the items ranging from Electronics to Books to Apparels to Accessories...Its customised search option helps to list any item which makes it easier for the buyer & seller too...

How Works...
    All in all is a website that is made to cater the needs of youth since they don't have enough resources in form of cash but have a huge lot of clutters at their home...It does apply the concept of Recycle & Reuse bringing the vision of social economy come true. When you barter from it, i think it will be your ultimate Faida ka Sauda...So go on & hop the chance...

Thursday, 20 August 2015

#MaxFreshMove in My Shhhhtyle...

Hi Friends ,
             After a tedious week, we all wait for the weekends to refresh & energise ourselves so that again on weekdays we can give our best to conquer the world. In this series only Colgate have introduced their Max fresh gel toothpaste which is infused with cooling crystals which adds a new dimension of freshness in our mouth as well as our mood...
  For the advertisement of the same, the company used a #MaxFreshMove song i.e Taazgi ka dhamaka featuring South Superstar Allu Arjun & Anushka Manchanda....The lyrics & the energy of the song is so mind blasting.The number is so peppy & fresh that i can't control myself dancing to the tune of it...When the dance number is so happening , my whole family couldn't control dancing to it be it my sister or my mother...So i choose to dance on THEME 2 - Dance with Friends or Family 
             So my version of Taazgi ka Dhamaka is live.Click here to watch it.The you tube link is
           Hoped u enjoyed my version of the song along with the original as for me dance is an expression...I love to dance to express my happiness & joy altogether with my family...We laughs,giggles,dances & enjoy the spirit of the song  and of the moment too...
          How do u feel about the song...Do you found it good  to celebrate your moment of the day...Life is well spend when we engage ourselves fully in every small moment of life & this song brings back my lost energy as the beats are so fast and engaging.Love the song from the bottom of my heart.Feeling De-stressed after having such a fun session by grooving on this Taazgi ka Dhamaka number with my loved ones.

“I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.”

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

HOME - A Journey of Eternity

       Home, for me is a perfect replacement for house . As goes by the saying of  Mother Teresa "Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action". Even a royal palace with all the modern amenities will be called a house only if the members living in it  does not have  love and affection towards each other.
        My dream home would be a place of beauty,serenity & inspiration.It would be a huge bunglow with sea facing bedrooms and big lawn. I can't never imagine my dream home without my parents & siblings.Initiating with my parents,i want for them a royal elegant bedroom with minimal furniture. While white will give theroom a royal feeling & elegance, its scenic beauty will bring them more closer to the nature.
Royality for my Lovingly Parents

Another part of my heart & soul is my Sisters Tanvi & Namrata .We all three have since beginning shared our room,so having a common room for all three of us is always pretty exciting & adventurous. The first & foremost thing for the room is the colour and we all being little at the heart (u know na Dil toh baccha hai ji....) loves bright & vibrant colours...For my room even the Eros bed collection from Godrej Interio would go on beautifully....
A perfect vibe of colours for my Dream bedroom
Here in the bedroom, we can settle with something more or less but not for the closets...The next thing for my dream house is the humongous closet ever on earth.i.e. that have space for our never ending shopping of clothes, shoes, bags,makeup,etc...
And the shopping spree goes on forever & ever...

Yo for the ladies gang,would love to have our own entertainment zone in my dream home...for ours peace of mind...

Lastly for my little bro, a simple yet super stylish bedroom...He being a little lazy in bathing & total music freak,so bhai for you an alternative solution...just jump in from your bed and you will be fresh...

  My complete life revolves around my family and it is them only who made me understood the real sense of Home i.e who had made my home complete...Latter or sooner there will be additions in my life.& dream home also but can never expect any subtractions from it. So fingers crossed to have my dream home in existence very soon because It all starts with a wish and a dream...

My dream home would reflect my persona in every nook & corner of it...It would be classy yet subtle & elegant...What do you guys think ? Share yours also with me in the comments below.

“I am participating in the Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio and BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity.Here’s how 

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Friday, 17 July 2015


This is my very first post.A little bit nervous but more sure shot confident to start up my own blog expressing my views to the whole world and then integrating them with my lovely readers…
In  this blog, i would love to post about product reviews,movie reviews,fashion trends,social articles and a lot more fun &entertainment..Hoping that u will enjoy the journey of this blog as part and parcel of your life coz the articles or post could be easily related by anyone…
So wishing myself  & my team a lotzz of luck and positively crossing my fingers for support from u all people…
"A new Sunrise in my life".....

Love u,
Team Stylo Fantasy