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"Alone we can do so little ; but together we can do so much"                                                                                                                                               - Hellen Keller
STYLOFANTASY is a blog created on this beautiful quote only,as a result of teamwork & togetherness between Me (Nishtha),administrator along with my two beloved elder sisters (Tanvi & Namrata) and my Mother trio as contributors...We all in total are complete fashion buffs and love to beautify our world by bringing more happiness in the lives of all people living around us...
My mother Seema Rastogi is a homemaker,a Yoga teacher,a person with various inborn qualitites of those like of Singing,playing musical instruments like Dholak,harmonium,etc.She is a person with style,elegance and beauty with brains.She is currently designated as Secretary for Lioness Club branch.
My eldest sister Tanvi Rastogi is an engineer by profession.She loves reading books,watching Hollywood sitcoms,travelling,cooking and an avid singer.She lives in the City of Angels,California; a perfect state for the blend of fashion,lifestyle,brands. With her absolute & perfect style and charm ,u can't imagine that she is a mother of 6 yr old Princess Advika..
Another partner in every crime of mine is my elder sister CA Namrata Agarwal.She is a multifaceted person.She loves sleeping,watching Television and especially shopping a whole lot of it.She is just another craziest being for shoes & bags and with it ,her enthusiasm for fashion can be clearly listed.An absolute stunning and graceful dancer along with being a perfect professional in his field.
I  am Nishtha Rastogi, a student pursuing my final year of Chartered Accountancy Course.Completed my graduation.Like every girl loves to be stlyo and be updated with the latest trends, so a total fashion freak.I love to fly without wings , so to break the monotony ,i along with my contributors created this blog STYLO FANTASY..I Love watching Movies,Listening music,Reading Thriller Novels,dancing on the tunes of bollywood...

With all 4 of us together on the stands, we assure u to bring some wonderful time by reading our blog... 

Team StyloFantasy


  1. Hi team StyloFantasy

    Nice blog...Keep up the work...Good team

  2. Hi Shikha..

    Thank u for visiting the blog and for the appreciation..

    Love u...muah
    Team StyloFantasy


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