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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Get your Beauty Personalised with

Hi Beauties,

Today's blog post is about discovering yourself. According to a survey, most women are unknown of their skin types, its problems, its tone, etc and in all of these things, they end up using products not suitable for them which leads to breakouts, itching, etc. At the same time, market is flooded with  a constant parade of promises and conflicting claims , it becomes almost impossible to lay our hands to the correct stuff.
             While searching the web for a certain product, I came to a new website It is about "AAp luv".
"It is a start up beauty company providing every customer of their, an experience of Divine Beauty. For busy women/men on the go, it is a personalized beauty service tailored to your taste, budget & lifestyle that helps you look and feel your best every day."

Brief Introduction of the ideology of the brand -
                 Aplava (pronounced  as “Aap luv”) means taking a bath to purify oneself. It’s an ablution process of cleansing oneself. They believe that Beauty is you!!!!

I always love my life as a beauty blogger because it helps me to explore new products, places, brands,etc. But since buying online is not everyone cup of tea, it is difficult to match the exact tone,colour, texture of beauty products while buying them online especially. So here comes as a saviour their Personalised Beauty Section as it gives you a virtual tour of your Skin along with the help of professional beauty experts & dermatologists by building your BEAUTY PROFILE.

         Created my own Beauty Profile to help my skin get perfectly curated skin care products for it and got some recommendations for the same.

The Website has a wonderful range to offer including many international, national, drugstore, organic brands ranging from Dermalogica , Avene , Braun, Lakme, Garnier, Skintruth , Wild Earth, etc.

            I was wondering for Skintruth Equalising skincare regimen for my sister to gift her on her birthday but was unable to find it on major leading websites but I was able to locate it on this website. Ahh!!! finally got it after spending so much time.You can also check skintruth products online on the website.

           The website has a wonderful layout, is easy to use, you don’t have to look for product details as you get perfect details about the product, ingredients, How to use , About the Brand, Shipping & Returns, all information at one place only. It offers free delivery over Rs. 999/- and the best part is that the company provides time to time startling promotional offers which tends to fit more products in our budget . It also provide the option of Following the Price i.e. Keep track of the price drops on this item as and when the price of the particular product will drop, an email would pop up which in turn will help to save some more bucks.
          With all these extremely good features , I am so excited to shop with Now on my wishlist, the first product is  Lakme perfect radiance Intense Whitening Serum which I am getting almost at a discount of almost 25% (including cashback also), Skintruth Skincare Regimen with discount of almost 35% - 40% and a lot more...I will update all you wonderful people when I will receive it in a haul post.
Brief Review by our Co-Contributor -:  Our Co - Contributor Namrata Agarwal (Soon Mom to be) also shopped some Sebamed Baby Products from Aplava for her soon to be arriving baby and here is her brief and relevant review of it. The online ordering procedure is simple like that of any online portal, but what I loved more about the website is prompt delivery within 3-4 days(meanwhile my order was delivered on the date of Constituency Elections in our city),nice & intact packaging, every item individually well packed so as to avoid spillage. I ordered some Sebamed Baby products which were 100% authentic and imported from Germany.The date of Mfgr. was of  2016, which is again a big plus for user as they provide you goods with longer shelf life. Sharing some of the pics of her order...

SF Rating -:  9/10
Final Verdict-: I am yet to share my personal experience of the products to be received but yes I am totally amazed with the website design, its ease to use, and most importantly its emphasis on buying the products apt for you in your budget. I don't find any cons of the website except COD charges which keeps me bothering & sometimes it take quite a time to load. Will keep you guyz updated of my haul from Till then all you lovely people, check it out this amazing website and share your experiences with me in the comments below. Would love to hear from you all...
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As lotzz of contests/ giveaways are coming soon with my birthday.

Love u...
Stylo Niks.

P.S. - A giveaway coming soon on the blog sponsored by stay hooked.

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Mini skincare Haul - Skin18...

Hi Gorgeous,

Today I am back with another haul from, the same super raved Korean Website. I received a package from them earlier also which you can check here. I am totally in love with Mask sheets concept as they bring quite a difference on your skin with one time usage. With big brand players like Sephora, Innisfree, etc. in the field, there is a boom in the market of Skin Masks or skin Sheets.

The experience is totally wonderful as in comparison to regular skincare product which you need to apply on a daily basis to get results. These mask sheets does not offers exact long lasting results but there are visible results with their one time usage or for the time being.

So let me show you peeps, what i received from them this time. I received this package some 7 days back, so surely will review them on the blog very soon or maybe after 2-3 pending posts only...

Mask Sheets from Skin 18

I received -

(From Left to Right)

A Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip
Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey Real Natural Mask Pack

      (From Left to Right)
    An Animalia Mask i.e. L'affair Animal Aqua Sheep
      Soc 3D Beauty Serum Face Mask Pack (Lipidure) - moisturizing


    Till then stay connected with  my Social channels & Skin18 as they have some wonderful promotions going on which you can't resist....Please do follow the pages to stay updated.
    As lotzz of contests/ giveaways are coming soon.

    Love u...
    Stylo Niks.

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    Tuesday, 21 June 2016


    Holla Everyone,

    From the last past one month, i have been over-fastidious for my health.Due to long hours of study for my examinations, my weight is reaching its ultimate level,so thought to give it a stringent check.So joined Gym and trying to go there on an average 5-6 days per week.(PS - It is impossible for me to go there regularly....I don't know why...Tell me GOD...)

    So my Gym Instructor gave me a Diet Chart to be followed which till today i haven't but trying to indulge some of the key points in my daily routine.The most important was having Green Tea,I have always seen everyone to be in search of a healthier alternative for our normal tea but initiating the routine of drinking it was the toughest decision for me as i am very choosy for what i eat or drink.

    I got for myself Organic India Tulsi Green Tea from a local supermarket. But when i drank it for the first time, i was horrible like Eww...who can call this nasty drink as healthy and with just a sip of it, i thought that this is the end of Green Tea era for me.

    But since my instructor used to ask me about it every other day & i don't want to fool him & myself because seriously i wanna loose weight ,so thought of giving it another try. This time i just closed my nose and drank it as a medicine.
    But here comes the Cindrella moment that soon in a week, i started feeling better and was ready to drink it as a tea not as a medicine.I prepare it by just pouring boiling water on one tablespoon of green tea leaves & then infusing it for 3-5 min depending on the strongness i want.I now love to have atleast 2 or 3 cups of it in a day & my day feels incomplete without it.

    But guyzz seriously, now i suggest everyone to drink it especially my parents because it has a lot and lots of benefit of drinking it with no harm at all as Holy Basil is an herb with healing properties that relieve stress & protect the immune system.Even today all doctors recommend to have atleast 2 cups of it in a day.

    The Organic India Tulsi Green Tea has several benefits in it which majorly includes -:
    • Stress Relieving & Empowering
    • Strengthens the Immune System
    • Abundant in Antioxidants
    • Improves Digestion & Metabolism
    • Boosts Stamina
    • Helps fight illness, cough & cold
    • Anti Ageing
    • Uplifts Mood
    • Anti Jet Lag

    Packaging -:Organic India Tulsi Green Tea comes in 2 packaging-:
    1. In green coloured cardboard box which includes loose package of tea bags packed individually.
    2. In a Tin container which contains the packet of Tea.The tin is of golden colour on which green coloured label with all detailings is affixed.

    Price -: Rs 220 for 100 gm

    • Green Tea (Camellia sinensis)
    • Rama Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum)
    • Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum)
    • Vana Tulsi (Ocimum Gratissimum)

    Availability -: 
    To buy on , click here

    My Take on the product -:By reading the post, you all have understand that i am in undoubted love with this Green Tea.The best part is it comes from 100% Certified Organic brand, which brings more confidence & security in the minds of its users.
            I personally drink it 2 times in a day,once before my lunch & once post dinner or before going to bed.I read somewhere online that drinking Green tea before sleeping keeps our metabolism working & helping to shred our weight without doing anything while in the alternative situation the time when we sleep, our metabolism works very slowly.
           All in all,since i have started using this from last one month, i don't know if it really helped me to loose weight but it has definitely kick boxed my metabolism as now after using it, i feel more energised & refreshed...Ahhh, totally a stress buster for me.        
             So all you reading the post,definitely give this tea a try and if you didn't love it at first instance like me,do give it a second shot.They also have a whole lot of different flavours like The Original Tulsi , Tulsi Green Tea ,Tulsi Ginger ,Tulsi Chai Masala ,Tulsi Sweet Rose ,Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea and many more...I would highly recommend it to those looking forward to a healthier lifestyle.It is a treasure with bunch of health benefits for all of us.

    Hope you had an amazing time reading this post about my secret weapon of weight loss and if yes please do leave your comments below & let me know of your experiences...

    Love u...muah 
    Stylo Niks

    Monday, 6 June 2016

    Experience with Italian Rica Waxing

    At the recent visit of mine to Toni & Guy Salon at my place,the beautician suggested me to try Rica Wax instead of Normal Wax as there was high humidity and it was impossible in such a condition to get my hands perfectly waxed with Normal Wax. So i agreed with her to give Rica Wax a try after holding my breath because it was totally new to me & i can't expect what it would be.

    Rica is an advanced Depilation System made of mixture of “98% natural, vegetable and plant-based wax” which is 100% free of colophony (a harsh sticky substance, which is the cause of irritation or skin becoming red, inflamed and itchy or allergic reaction after waxing). These are also called as "Liposoluble Waxes"

              Initially, the beautician applied Rica’s cotton milk pre-wax gel to clean or wipe out the dirt, sweat or oil from the waxing area. I exactly haven't seen which variant of the wax she used as she has put the wax for heating on the Wax heater. 
               I made sure to her that she has to be quite gentle, because i feel a lot of pain while waxing.But what elated me more that to my surprise, it was less painful than my regular waxing atleast for me. I found Rica’s  “superior hair gripping strength” claim to be quite true because she doesn't need to apply wax over the same area more than once. My hands & legs waxing was completed in about less than half an hour. Post waxing, the beautician  applied Rica Aloe Vera After Wax Lotion & hot steamed towel to clean the wax residues from the skin.But being my skin super sensitive to wax, there was redness & some scars, so in order to calm & moisturise my skin she applied Lacto Calamine Lotion.

         My sudden interaction with RICA products was quite satisfactory & i loved the total experience. The products are amazing & yes they stick true to their claims. A contented customer is the answer to all questions & claims.
    On coming home , i searched about the products & read some rave reviews about the products.Their Waxes are available in India in many online portals like ; ;, etc.
           So give them a try & experience a new revolution other than normal wax. 

    Another great tip while trying Rica Wax at home, it is lot more messier than normal wax, so do buy after wax lotion or use any oil like coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil, etc.( Just simply dab a cotton ball in the oil and apply over the place of wax for good 1 min & then massage through it) to remove wax residues from the skin.

    Have you tried Rica Wax... Would love to know your experiences???

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Stylo Niks...

    P.S. Image & Video Source -

    Thursday, 11 February 2016

    Bblunt Climate Control Anti - Frizz Leave in Cream Review

    Heya all,
                In the recent time you all must have noticed the buzz of BBlunt Products.I have already reviewed BBlunt's Back to Life Dry Shampoo & Spotlight Hair Polish. You can check there review here.So today i am reviewing another product from the range and i.e.BBlunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream.Do read the whole review to know that whether it works to the claims it make.

    BBlunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream
    Ingredients & Claims -:
    “This versatile cream ensures your hair looks great, however hot, dry or  humid it gets out there.It enhances natural movement,smoothens and  leaves you in charge, whatever the weather.”
    "Protects from the environment & heat  styling damage"
    Ingredients of BBlunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream
    Packaging -:The packaging of the product is quite impressive.It comes in a shiny black plastic pyramid shaped bottle which is new in its own kind coz all other conditioners or creams come in round bottle.It works on pump dispenser mechanism which make it easier for use.
                   However this big one is not travel friendly but anyways for travelling purposes those mini versions of them will be quite cute & handy.

    How to Use -: 
    Works best on damp, towel dried hair. Take a small quantity into your palms. Apply evenly, focusing on mid-lengths & ends, keeping away from the scalp. Style as desired.

    Swatch of  Bblunt Climate Control Anti - Frizz Leave in Cream
    Price -: Rs 450 for 150g

    Availability -: 
    To buy on , click here
    To buy on , click here

    My Take on the product -: The consistency of the cream is semi liquid and is non greasy.It is white in colour. The cream have a perfume fragrance which stays for about an hour or two but not longer than it.It looks pretty similar to the conditioner with the only difference that this is a leave in cream while conditioners are needed to be rinsed off.

      BBlunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream
             The results of the cream is good enough to give it a thumbs up but the frizziness of my hair does not went off completely.I have been reading about this product from many of my co-bloggers that it works for normal hair so i had a huge expectation from it that it would reduce my frizziness to a great extent and yes i was a bit disappointed with this fact.But another reason that popped up in my mind is that may be at my place,winter season is going on ,so maybe my hair tends to be a bit more dry,hence it doesn't worked properly.But since in the coming days, we are awaiting Autumn & Spring season;so i will try it then again and will update you guyzzz..

    SF Rating -:  7.8/10

    Final Verdict-: BBlunt Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream is a light weighted cream & when applied gives the feeling of instant freshness.It doesn't weighs down the hair & the fragrance is really mild as well as pleasing.It do tames the frizzy hair to a certain extent but not completely which i expected it to do.I though had not tested it as a product to protect from heat styling damage but it does enhances the natural movement & smoothen my hair....

    Hope you had amazing time reading this post & do share your reviews on the product in the comment box below....
    Till then to all of you,forget all those bad hair days as it's time to #BSmooth

    Love u,

    P.S: PR Sample.Review based on my unbiased opinion

    Monday, 18 January 2016

    BBlunt's Season Favourite -Back to Life Dry Shampoo & Spotlight Hair Polish Review, Price & Buy Online in India

    Hi everyone,
           In this season of marriage and numerous events, everyone wants to be playful yet beautiful.But due to tight schedules it is nearly impossible to look perfect every time.But then only our styling tools & products come as a saviour.The much hyped BBlunt Back to life Dry Shampoo is one of them.Like our old hindi movies dialogue that till the time,there is no happy ending,it is not an end. Dry shampoo may be good but to complete the look we need the BBlunt SpotLight Hair polish.Today on my testing table are these 2 products from BBlunt. So lets dig them a bit deeper.
    Ingredients & Claims -:

    • BACK TO LIFE DRY SHAMPOO - "Instant freshness is now a spray away.This Dry Shampoo (no water required) does a smooth job of absorbing excess grease & grime and revamps your hair in seconds.Don't leave home without it.Specially created for Indian Hair."
    • SPOTLIGHT HAIR POLISH - "This lightweight heavyweight gives even the dullest hair a glossy, smooth finish. It’s about maximum shine with minimum fuss. Step into the spotlight. Specially created for Indian hair. Protects from the environment and heat styling damage."

    Packaging -:The hair polish & dry shampoo comes in a sleek steel can like that of a deodorant of Silver & Blue Colour respectively with a plastic cap on it. There is a spray nozzle on opening the cap to dispense the product. The can is very light weight and compact and can be carried around very easily.

    How to Use -: 
    1. Use on dry hair
    2. Shake well before use
    3. Hold can six inches away  

    • Spray Dry Shampoo evenly, close to the roots. Leave on for two minutes. Massage and brush thoroughly while,
    • Spray a light mist evenly of Spotlight Hair Polish around the hair, focusing on mid-length and ends.

    Price -: 
    • Back To Life Dry Shampoo - Rs 550 for 75gm/125ml *
    • Spotlight Hair Polish - Rs 550 for 125gm/150ml *

    * Mini versions of these are also available in the market.

    Availability -: 

    My Take on the product -: 
    BBLUNT BACK TO LIFE DRY SHAMPOO - I tried this two days after my hair wash as my hair tends to get super oily with my gyming sessions. I divided my hair into sections and sprayed on to scalp as per the instructions.After spraying it, just got the feeling of Carbon-dioxide we use in dry ice practical of our Tenth Standard.(OK, Sorry for my interpretation & back in my current mode) When i sprayed it on my hair,i can see the white coloured dust powder on my scalp.Then massaged & combed it for some time and the whiteness disappears.
         After the whole ritual, i found visual difference in my hair.The sweat and greasiness went off to a great extent.Another pros i found out of using it that there was bounciness in my crown hair.But after using this dry shampoo,my oil free scalp doesn't remain longer.The staying power is about 6-7 hours which is pretty much good for an event.
         Now coming on the cons of the product reading the ingredients list gave me a lot of tension as it contains a lot of chemicals in it,so best suited for emergency situations but not a replacement of Washing the hair.The fragrance rather smell is not very pleasant but it is bearable when you get rid of the mess of your tresses...
    BBLUNT SPOTLIGHT HAIR POLISH - The hair polish is an instant spray that brings shine & glossiness in the hair.It has to be used on dry hair. I used it to set my hair style and bring brightness to my hair.I am pretty much satisfied with the result as my hair got instant shine & it even helped me to tame my flyovers.4-5 sprays of the Hair polish are enough to cover my mid length hair.
         The staying power of the Polish is quite good like any other hair spray i.e.6-7 hours.It has a mild scent which is hardly noticeable & fades away within next 15 minutes.The hair polish actually makes hair look more lustrous in photographs which is a pro for me & my other blogger friends.
       But seeing the ingredients is really heart wrenching because the list is full of chemicals, so it definitely can't be used daily.
    SF Rating -: 8.5/10

    Final Verdict-: Both these products are really quite good at their work.They take a grand total of 60 seconds and our greasy roots will look fresh again. We'll be ready to style our hair the way we want. So who wouldn't want to rather ditch our regular shampoo for this once and instead save all that time.The only issue i felt with these products which is to be dealt is the presence of huge chemicals in their ingredients.So these act as a saviour in unavoidable situations like that of emergency but are not the replacement of the regular hair care regime.

    These products by BBlunt are the season's favourite...Definitely check these products and do share your comments below...Hope u had an amazing time reading this blogpost.

    Love u,
    Stylo Niks...

    P.S: PR Sample.Review based on my unbiased opinion

    Sunday, 27 September 2015

    BedBathMore Paint Finder - Every Colour has a story to tell...

             For each one of us,the real comfort lies in our own confined boundaries and that boundary for me is my home...Home is the place where i could stay for all my life long with no complaints.I love decorating my home in the manner that it reflects my persona...But as Diwali is approaching next month ,so does the tensions too of how to get my house painted as per my taste & preference.
               I personally love loud & bright colours as they enhance the energy level of the place but my parents prefer lighter or pastel shades.As rightly quoted by Dr. Seuss " Why fit in when you were born to Standout",this time i got a chance by BedBathMore's  tailor made solution of  Paint Finder app to checkout how my home would appear if i would opt for bright colours.

    So starting with the master bedroom ,i would love to see some rosy red as it is a colour of passion,energy,deep love&warmth.So Voila i found the Berger Red Rendezvous perfect for the bed room as it is much balanced than to the fiercely red which is not considered apt for bedrooms... 

    Optimist orange denotes the fire element in it which in turn increases productivity, enthusiasm, pleasure & the colour keeps us lively and playful, so a perfect choice for the children's room ,to keep them focused on their ambition together with being a little nasty too...
    Asian Paints Camp fire


    Darker shade of orange like Sahara Sunshine is stimulating to the appetite. I love having people around the kitchen table, so orange will keep them talking and eating for a long time. I love having orange in my kitchen as they are more subtle than red, yet still increase the appetite and promote conversation and social interaction.


    In the living room,i still want to have the pastel shade of green & yellow colour as it refreshes the mind & soul.Berger Limeade is perfectly apt for my living room as it is soothing & relaxing giving a feel of sitting next to nature.

    A certainly dark green colour with silver in the washroom as green will lead to calmness & silver will count in for shine & shimmer...These colours help to enhance an organic vibe in a bathroom. These types of colours are also great to help soften otherwise hard edges and geometric shapes in our bathing spaces.
    Berger Valley Vista Shade 
                  Altogether my home will have the rarest yet subtle & classy colour combination theme of Brights & Pastels.Really the Paint finder app made me visualise the reality much before when it is supposed to be done...Would definitely show these to my parents and then would collectively take decision with my family....

    “I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

    Share your views or comments on how you would like to paint your house,on which theme,etc...

    Thursday, 24 September 2015

    My first OOTD - Birthday Celebrations

    Hi Guys,
                    Today i am doing my first Outfit of the Day Post.You all know that September is my birthday month,so this OOTD is what i wore on my birthday.My birthday celebrations started at midnight only and continued till the whole week with lotzz of more exciting fun & surprises....
                  Coming back on the outfit, i choose to wear an Orange Matty Partially Embroidered Blazer or Jacket of Mirror Work pairing it with the classic combination of Black Jeans and Black Sequence Top. Some of my birthday attire pictures are there,so you can check them...

    I am personally a very minimalistic jewelry person,so paired the outfit with an Orange & White butterfly neck piece which i got it from Archies.I am always more comfortable in wearing flats so opted for a shimmery golden ballerinas with the outfit.
    A close look of mine

    Outfit Details
    Orange Blazer/Jacket - Pantaloons
    Black Sequence Top - H&M
    Jeans/Trouser - Xpose Jeans
    Neck Jewellery - Archies
    Bracelet - Archies
    Ballerinas - Metro Shoes

    To my sudden surprise ,spotted Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for Jazbaa Promotions in a similar outfit which she totally nailed it..It was a Monisha Jaising blazer, paired with a Turquoise & Gold blouse. She is wearing Dior shoes and Eina Ahluwalia jewelry.Here are some of the pics...
    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for Jazbaa Promotions
    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for Jazbaa Promotions
    Image Credit -

              As a piece of my opinion, this look can be worn as formals or on brunch with friends or on dinner date with someone special as anyone & at anytime can pull off this outfit...

    Do tell me in the comment box below that did u like my outfit or any suggestions on how you would love to pair the outfit with...

    Love u...muahhhhh....

    Friday, 11 September 2015

    Fuschia Lavender Florets Bath Salt - Review & Buy in India

    Hey All,
             Dr. Mohit of Vkare Bio Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has been so generous to send me this Fushcia kit for review. I had already blogged the review of Fuschia Cherry Caramel Lip Balm here, so you can also check it ,if not done yet....And today i am reviewing the Fuschia Lavender Florets Bath Salt,so lets move and check it that is it worth its claims or not.
    Fuschia Kit 
          I over the time using the product came to know  that Fuschia Natural Handmade Bath Salts have been developed to mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs. The best way to refresh yourself after a long tiring day is to soak yourself in them. So simply allow these salts to swirl around gently as you take a deep breath, lie back and unwind in your own personal bath by Simply adding the lavender Florets bath salt to your bath water to be in a more relaxing & peaceful environment.

    Ingredients & Claims -:
    • Helps to rejuvenate & keep your skin supple,light & radiant
    • Calms and relaxes one's mind & promotes a restful,uninterrupted night's sleep.
    Packaging -: Like almost all fushcia products the Lavender Florets Bath salt come in a transparent tub with a lid.The ingredients list along with the directions to use is attached at the bottom of the tub.

    Fuschia Lavender Florets Bath Salt
    Price -: Rs 225 for 50 gms

    Availability -: 
    My Take on the product -: Fuschia Lavender Florets Bath Salt is like our normal granulated salt containing some dry lavender leaves.I tried it the bath salt after an exhausting day of studying,shopping,some pampering ,etc.I was completely relaxed and refreshed after taking bath ,it also relieved me of light pains in the body. I felt very calm and peaceful after a tiring & stressed out day.My skin also felt very clean and soothing,as it also exfoliates it.
                    The fragrance is quite strong for me but it vanishes within half an hour to one hour and made me feel like i had been to a Spa. Another most important aspect of the product is that it is free of parabens, phthalates.

            Flipping the coin other side,the issues i had with the product is its rich aroma.I have a sensitive nose for all highly fragrant products but for normal noses, i think it won't be hard.Another con with the product is about 50 gms is used in bathing at one time,so you need to stock it before hand only as one tub contains only 50 gms. Last one is regarding the packaging as it contains slip for directions to use, ingredients, etc. which are not very handy as they an easily be misplaced since not attached to the tub. 
    SF Rating -:  8.5/10

    Final Verdict-:Yes the Bath Salt does what it claims...It relaxes and soothens the  mind ,body making ourselves feel more calm and composed and that too without harsh chemicals.It is must for all those who due to their tight schedule are unable to book appointment of Spas,do give it a try and you will surely thank me for  it...

    Have u tried the product...Do leave your experience or suggestions in the comment box below..

    P.S: PR Sample.Review based on my unbiased opinion