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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Iraya Almond Nutrifying Skin Food Review

Hey all,
      Recently while flipping the pages of a magazine, i came across a creme which immediately caught my attention because it has such an interesting name i.e. Almond Nutrifying Skin Food, i mean really when does u hear the name of cream as Skin food,although it is our vital skin food but who calls it with this name.I felt it quite innovative,so thought to give this skin food a shot.
Key Ingredients -: 

  • Almond: nourishes & moisturises,
  • Manjishta: revitalizes & rejuvenates, 
  • Sandalwood: hydrates & heels.
Claims -:With almond,Indian madder(manjishta),rose petals and sandalwood oil,this nutrient-rich cream is easily absorbed by the skin.Ensures both corrective and preventive action,minimises fine lines,delays signs of ageing and restores firmness and radiance.Ideal for Normal to Dry Skin.

Packaging -: The cream comes in a translucent frosted glass container/tub with a screw cap over it. To be honest,i really don't like the packaging as the tub is really sensitive & heavy which makes very difficult to travel with it.

Directions for Use -: Apply & gently massage using fingertips into face and neck, in smooth upward movements. Best to use after cleansing and toning. An essential daily ritual for soft,radiant and younger looking skin.

Price -: Rs 495 for 50 gms/1.76 Oz

Availability -: 
To buy from , click here
To buy from , click here 

My Take on the product -:The Iraya Almond Nutrifying Skin Food is white in colour,while its texture is creamy & consistency is quite thick.For the initial days, when i started using it ,i felt a very strong smell of herbs which made me reluctant to use it.But using it constantly for more than 2-3 weeks,then i become use to it & it doesn't matter me anymore.
           On application of cream on my face,it took quite a time for me to get it absorbed in the skin and i felt it heavy on my skin.But since i applied this cream, i ditched my moisturiser & didn't regret it all.As regard to its claims,it does add firmness and radiance to my skin.Presently,I can't comment on delaying signs of ageing.
            The cream has such thick base that when i applied my eye gel over it,the cream layer start coming on my hands so this cream takes some deep upward motion strokes to be finally dissolved on the skin.
SF Rating -:  8.7/10

Final Verdict -:This cream is specifically meant for persons either with very dry/dry skin or to be used in winters.

Have u used this cream or any other product of Iraya. Do share your views in the comment box below...

Love u...

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Eyeliner - Must have Review & Buy in India

Eyeliners are the perfect tools in the makeup box of a girl which elevate a look of the person using it from blah to yeah...Lakme India last year in Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014 conceptualised the dream of Indian Brides with the launch of their Lakme Absolute Range comprising of Gel Addict Eyeliners, Gloss Addict Lip color & Gel Stylist Nail Polishes.        
        Today  i am reviewing Lakme Must Have Eyeliner from the range of Lakme Gel Addict Eyeliners of their 2014 Lakme Fashion Week Launch.
Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Eyeliner
Claims -:
  • Professional Gel Finish Eyeliner
  • Super precise application
  • All day intense colour
  • Smudge proof
  • Waterproof
Packaging -:
           Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Eyeliner - Must have comes in a tub packaging with the applicator brush on the one side of the lid..The packaging is pretty familiar like Revlon Eyeliners ,The Body Shop Eyeliners...

Application Brush along with the Eyeliner tub

Price -: Rs 800 for 2.3gms

Availability -: 
My Take on the product -:
            Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Eyeliner - Must have is indeed one of the most creamiest eyeliner,i have ever used..The texture is so soft that it looks like a black mousse in the tub.It is much more pigmented than the other shades of Black eyeliners available in the market.It is highly waterproof because after doing the swatch, i tried to remove the eyeliner with water,but i wasn't able to do so a little bit.Then i removed it with the Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover with which it vanished in one go only...On my eye lids without applying primer,it stayed for 6-7 hrs,so a thumbs up for staying power...
 Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Eyeliner - Must have Swatch
           The other side of Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Eyeliner is that they come at a hefty price of Rs 800 for only 2.3 gms while other brands offered this much quantity at a lower price..It even takes some time to set as it is in gel consistency to avoid it from getting smudged...
Front View of the Eye 
Side View of the Eye
SF Rating -:  9.6/10

Final Verdict-: Lakme Absolute Gel Addict Eyeliner - Must have is definitely a must have for every Indian Girl,Lady or Woman because the deep pigmented black colour gives the eyes a more professional eyeliner look & finish.For me it is surely addictive as its name suggest as it is one of the best gel or Creamy eyeliner, i have ever used..It is totally waterproof and smudge proof as per what its claims,so totally in love with it.The eyeliner is also travel friendly with being brush intact in it only.I would love to purchase it again but seeing that huge stock of eyeliners,don't know as if for a hoarder of makeup stuff it hardly matters.....